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You should start with the fact that the export is possible only for registered companies at the customs.Therefore, the accreditation at customs is the first step for the company towards exports its products to other countries.

What are the export rules of goods from Ukraine?

Generally, it is a set of formalities which have to be observed at customs when exporting goods from Ukraine. Law regulation of this process can be divided in tariff and non-tariff.

The latter include requirements concerning availability of such documents as conclusions of SES, phytosanitary certificates, permissions to export military application goods and so on.

Tariff regulation is connected with taxes of a various type, such as rates of duties, excise duty, VAT and so on. There is a list of goods to which export duty extends. Among them is coal, grain, metal. When exporting goods from the list subjects of foreign economic activity pay export duty in a size established by the current tariff regulation.

It should be noted that for the last decade tariff regulation in Ukraine became much softer. It considerably simplifies process for modern exporters.

What is a procedure of customs registration?

  1. Before shipment it is necessary to prepare the following documents:
  • Invoice;

  • Packing list;

  • Consignment note;

  • Certificates of origin (if it is required);

  • Foreign economic contract;

  • The specification to the contract;

  • Contract with carrier;

  • Contract with the customs broker.

  1. The created package of documents is transferred to the customs broker.
  2. The customs broker prepares and sends the customs declaration.
  3. The package of documents is transferred to carrier.

  4. After border crossing by the vehicle document about actual border crossing by cargo is sent to a broker.

  5. The accountant of export company can report documents for VAT compensation (it is compensated in the form of tax credit).

What else do you need to know?

  • Registration process passes across the place of actual cargo finding, but not on border or in a place of company’s registration.
  • Usually the procedure takes no more than 4 hours if export operation is not difficult.
  • Transport can come around on the customs terminal in case of inspection. This procedure is carried out infrequently, with the great probability it will not need it.
  • Besides big companies, private entrepreneur (FLP small enterprises) can also make export deliveries.



Key points to emerge from the foregoing are as follows: preparation of necessary documents, payment of taxes and duties and compliance with laws of country.

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