High-quality and expeditious production of goods and raw materials

Having big suppliers base and previous experience we can guarantee qualitative production of raw materials and goods from textile and equipment to large consignment of grain producing

We have chosen best of the best to entering Ukrainian production to competitive western market.

For many years our company cooperates with such producers as:

  • ТМ «MILENIUM» — chocolate production and different things from it
  • «Chateau Chizay» — quality domestic wine and wine materials
  • «LANIV DARI» production company — jam, stuffing, pickled production and juice
  • TM «Bartnik» is producer of honey
  • «Novatek» — electrical products
  • VVLEN и AZURI Factory — textile and clothes

Also we can find and establish a production of any kind of goods by client request



Thanks to our long-term experience we managed to minimize order terms

Up to 14 days in case goods available

By the individual order — up to 30 days

In case of non-standard production technologies terms can reach up to 45 days


Our partners have been chosen from best Ukrainian producers. They have been tested by time and are brought to the markets more than 15 countries around the world

Storage and packing of our partners’ products conform to all international standards

If you have a uncommon request, be sure the manufacturer we find will meet all your requirements.


We choose producers not only on quality but also on production value. Our partners have the most favorable production conditions of raw materials and goods

Cost of Ukrainian production and raw materials is much lower than European and is not inferior in quality

Special conditions for permanent orders are additional benefit of Ukrainian producers

Need advice?

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High-quality Ukrainian production

Our partners are the best producers of Ukraine