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Ukraine is the world's largest exporter of sunflower oil

Export potential of sunflower oil in 2018/19 may reach an absolute maximum, surpassing previous years’ record of 5.85 million tons

The high export potential of oil-bearing crops became possible because of constant increase in crop area under them. Over the past 20 years sunflower areas have increased by 3 times, soy – by 75 times, rapeseed – by 9 times.

Sunflower oil in Ukraine is manufactured by more than 70 plants, but 5 largest companies occupy a half of all market of these goods. Ukraine delivers oil to more than 100 countries, located on five continents.

  • Ukraine provides more than 56% of sunflower oil world export
  • The largest factories are capable to process up to 600 tons of raw materials per day
  • The quality of oil is one of the best in the world market
  • Rapeseed oil production has increased by 15 times following the results of July 2018/19
Thanks to strong links and the acquired contracts we can organize export of oil on the most favorable conditions.

Oil quality of our partners is one of the best in Ukraine. Production is possible in any volumes. Also, if necessary, our company will undertake a full cycle of production. Packing and branding of raw materials directly on production is possible. 

We have all necessary resources for fast and safe delivery of your order anywhere in the world.



From Warehouse to Warehouse

Thanks to long-term communications with partners from different countries in our company maintenance procedures of goods from manufacturer’s warehouse to recipient’s warehouse are adjusted for avoidance of possible delays and unforeseen situations

We care to achieve non-stressful deals! 

Any volume of ordered products will be guarantee delivered without any delays in time. Maintenance of each shipment goes on 24 hours a day. Our managers are vigilant and enterprising. You can be calm and rely completely on us

Your order is under reliable protection We guarantee safety of transactions, productions and transportation of your order. A 24-hour control of all standards on production, at storage and loadings. Sending by the best carriers

We appreciate your means!

Confident in receiving the product you ordered

Terms of production and delivery  Thanks to our long-term experience we managed to minimize order terms Up to 14 days in case goods available and by the individual order — up to 30 days *
* In case of the first order, further terms are optimized up to 20 days

We appreciate your time!

Thanks to favorable geographic location of Ukraine delivery time is relatively short

Nikita Titarev

Overseas business development manager


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