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Each company begins foreign economic activity when enters the international market. As any goods leaving a country for sale should be made as export, it is worth to review the major moment of a procedure.

Main stages of export processing

There are three main moments that should be remembered and considered if necessary to export goods:

  1. Preparation and providing all necessary documents to customs authorities on goods.
  2. Payment of taxes and fees and  processing of authentication documents
  3. The implementation of country’s legislation at all stages of goods export.

For the first registration, need to remember that everything starts from the oral statement about desire to submit the customs declaration and to make goods export. After that accreditation at customs post must be completed. It is required both for physical, and for legal entities. Only after successful receiving accreditation it is possible to start documents preparation. UGE Company offers the services in the documentation process. Our experience allows to make it not only according to the current legislation, but also to do all in the shortest time.

 List of required documents

  • customs accreditation card;
  • foreign-trade agreement (contract);
  • Certificate about absence of currency value for the last quarter;
  • SMR forms (depending on a type of the used transport) and post consignment notes;
  • Delivery specification;
  • Invoice;
  • Protocol of agreed price (if it is available);
  • Documents about cost of transportation to border (required not always);
  • Address, phone, EDRPOU and other data of carrier;
  • driver identification and registration if transported by vehicle;
  • Documents about legitimacy of goods purchase in Ukraine and tax note;
  • Payment orders and consignment notes through passage;
  • The passports, certificates of quality, technical specifications, drawings and other documents;
  • Cost Calculation;
  • Certificate of goods origin ST-1;
  • Packing list;
  • Certificate in transit under customs providing;
  • TIR Carnet or CARNET TIR.
  • Copies of documents with company’s stamp should be prepared.
  • Direct control at all production stages and transportations.

Copies of documents with company’s stamp should be prepared.

Some categories of goods need additional documents, for example, about passing of phytosanitary, environmental, radiological, veterinary control, the conclusion of SES, etc. It is possible to check information by the classification code of goods in Ukrainian qualifier of foreign economic activity goods.

What points do you need to pay attention?

Experienced suppliers know that missing important issues can cost much. Long idle time of goods on border quite often leads to heavy losses therefore it is important to be good prepared for transportation registration process. Here is what we recommend before registration:

  1. Find out whether certification for your goods is necessary in the system UKRSEPRO national certification.
  2. Check whether your goods are under category to which it is necessary the confirmation of quality by a declaration of conformity. Processing of such products is possible only after registration and declaring according to technical regulations.
  3. Learn whether the license for your type of goods is necessary.
  4. Check existence of buyer’s contacts. Customs officers can demand them together with contract.

It is important to remember that obtaining the above-mentioned documents is so much easier prior to transportation registration.

How it is possible to simplify the procedure?

Для человека, не знакомого напрямую с юридическими тонкостями подготовки и оформлением документов, задача может оказаться непосильной. Крупные компании зачастую имеют в штате сотрудника, которые отвечает за такие вещи. Для частных лиц и небольших компаний такой подход является нецелесообразным, поэтому они обращаются за помощью к специализированным компаниям.

For person who doesn’t know exactly legal subtleties of preparation and paperwork, the task can be so difficult. The large companies often have employee in staff who is responsible for such things. For private individuals and small companies such approach is unnecessary therefore they ask for help from specialized companies.

UGE is the team of professionals who specialize in export deliveries from Ukraine. Wide experience allows us to provide services practically on all stages of registration and implementation of goods export.

What we offer:

  • Help in obtaining basic documentation.
  • Undertake preparation and export paperwork.
  • Logistic decisions.
  • Help in optimization of the cost.
  • Direct control at all production stages and transportations.

Our company constantly is being improved and develops. We monitor changes in Ukrainian and international legislation and apply modern approach for solution of our clients’ tasks.

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